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…or Frequently Given Answers (FGAs).

Yes, because many people refer to "Frequently Asked Questions" documents.
But they are missing the point.
The point of such documents is not the questions. If one wanted to read the questions, one could simply read discussion forums concerned. After all, questions are posted very frequently.
The point of this document is the answers. The document contains the answers that people would otherwise hardly find themselves. The idea is that rather than laboriously compose and post the same answers repeatedly, people can refer the questioners to a single document with pre-prepared answers.
That's the reason why really people should be talking about FGAs instead of FAQs.

(cit. Jonathan de Boyne Pollard)

So.. FGAs!

1What’s the deal in buying a Bnj bass?
It means to become part of a huge family.
It allows you to have direct contact with the producer, to have a friendly chat or to share opinions on your instrument. It allows you to take part in the Bnj brand growing, being a part of the process. It’s like having a Ferrari, at the same price of a Fiat. Which one would you choose? ;)
2I have seen few parameters in the bass technical sheets. Can I modify them, customizing the project?
Here the answer is simple. YES.
Each instrument is built intended to be custom-tailored to buyer’s need. This applies to all the instrument characteristics, from the simple color of the body to the pickup composition. From the choice regarding the electronics to the woods used for the instrument. What you can find in our “entry-level” offer is simply the best quality for the price, and it won’t let you down, or disappoint you, in any way.
Of course, the customer satisfaction is our main goal afterwards.
This means that if you want on board preamps you are more familiar with, or which you prefer, we will used them on your bass.
Same for the pickups. On our basses we mount Bnj hand-made pickups, realized by the luthier himself, but if you prefer another pickup, we can mount it up! In any case we are always giving you our suggestion and our point of you, to provide you exactly what you want to get as a final result in terms of aesthetics, feeling on the instrument and sound.
With Bnj, you’ll never walk alone!
3Would I need any assistance on the instrument can I refer to Bnj?
Yes, of course, taking into consideration distances and time for the intervention. In any case be sure you will be supported in the best possible way.
4I want to become a Bnj endorser! How can I make it happen?
To become an endorser, we have specific terms and conditions. Contact us via web-site contact form or via social networks.
We work to make your dreams come true.
5I’m a retailer, and I want to sell Bnj basses. Can I do it?
Yes, no problem!
We have predefined discounts and retailer agreement policies. Contact us via web-site contact form or via social networks for further informations.
6Ok, everything is clear. I like the basses soooooo much. How can I finalise my order?
Bnj basses can be ordered directly through out contact form, if we are talking about a custom order.
Otherwise for in-stock basses you can move using our retail channels, as retailer shops or my Reverb marketplace. Keep always in mind that Bnj is active on socials, so for any information you would need we’ll be more than happy to answer you!